Hope you'll enjoy a little peek into
my every day life -
A simple candle light will always help set the mood
when I'm creating
Welcome to our little fjord, Ramfjorden, just outside the city Tromsø.
<  I absolutely love covering my face with wildflowers
On the edge of the world

My big passion is 

to photograph nature around me,

old houses, my little wildlings,

and an occasional

goat or two

I grew up in the northern most city in the world, Longyearbyen, on an island right below the North Pole, called Svalbard.
On Svalbard it's forbidden to pick flowers, but how beautiful aren't these
Arctic Treasures?
What did we as children climb when there were no trees here? Well here's the answer! 

This is an old cable car for transporting coal from the mines, and they're to be found all over the city. 

They're quite beautiful aren't they?
(And for clarification, I never dared to climb any higher than the first "floor" by the ground)

Myrfivel © Ingelin Dokmo Norheim 2019